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Why I started laser hair removal

Why I started laser hair removal​

In 2019, I was engaged and planning my wedding. Naturally, I looked up crash diets, hair growth supplements, exercise regimes and everything else in-between. A few years before my engagement I developed a hormonal imbalance which caused the hair on my chin to became incredibly dark, coarse and above all relentless! I also had in-growing hairs creating a grey shadow on my chin. Not only did the hairs and grey patch of skin look unsightly, the feel of the needle-like hairs constantly piercing through my skin meant that I had a constant urge to pluck them out no matter where I was and what I was doing. Being of middle eastern ethnicity, I am used to having dark body and facial hair to deal with, however, when excessive hair growth occurs in places like your face it impacts your self-esteem. I felt less feminine when I could feel stubble on my chin and my confidence was damaged. I didn’t believe anything out there could put a stop to the constant hair growth so I decided to go for laser hair removal, hoping I would have the hairs gone in time for my wedding day. There was no shortage of laser hair removal clinics in central London so I filtered by the most convenient location to my workplace at the time and found Simply Laser Hair Removal. I reached out to Ayse who runs and operates the laser treatments for all her clients. She invited me in for a free consultation to find out more about laser hair removal, what I could expect to see in terms of results and whether it was right for me. From the offset, Ayse was passionate about giving me as much information as possible and, although confident about the results of the medical-grade laser machine they use, she made sure that no unrealistic expectations were set as everybody is different and some people may need longer to see the results they desire. I signed up to a course of six sessions with Simply Laser Hair Removal and started to see a big reduction in the hair growth after just 3 sessions. I suddenly went from a person obsessively plucking out the hairs on my chin to not noticing and thinking about my facial hair at all. My urge to tweeze out needle-like hairs all the time was gone. The best thing about laser hair removal is that it removed that stubble feeling I had on my face, as a woman that made me feel so much better.  My skin now looks smoother and I have no signs of ingrowing hairs. I experienced great results from the laser treatment I received from Ayse at Simply Laser Hair Removal that I’m now receiving treatment for other areas of my body and cannot wait to feel confident in my hair-free skin in time for this Summer! I am so happy that I decided to go to Simply Laser Hair Removal, I have received so much care and attention to my needs which you won’t always get at the bigger clinics in London. If you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal then get in touch with Simply Laser Hair Removal today for a free consultation and the first step to newfound confidence in your skin. ‘Layla is a guest blogger and current client of Simply Laser Hair Removal & Skin Clinic’