Laser Hair Removal for Men

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  • Suitable for all skin types

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Do you think laser treatments are only for women?

Laser hair removal can achieve fantastic results for men just as it does for women. More and more men are coming to Simply Laser Hair Removal for removing or decreasing the volume of hair on their face or body, this includes areas like the chest, legs or back. Our FDA approved market leading technology laser can treat all skin types including Mediterranean, Asian, Caucasian and dark skin types. The treatment is straight forward, safe, quick and very effective.

We treat male clients on a daily basis and our highly trained practitioner will respect your privacy and make sure we get the best possible results available.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser treatment is a non-invasive medical procedure, the concentrated light (laser beam) is absorbed by the hair melanin (dark colour) and converts to heat energy. The heat reaches the hair root and safely destroys the hair follicle leaving the around tissue and skin unharmed.

However, laser can destroy hair follicles only in their anagen stage (growing stage). Although, not all of your hairs are in anagen stage at one time, to get an effective hair reduction it requires a series of treatments to catch the hair growth cycle.

For the very best results we suggest minimum course of 6 to 8 treatments to see a satisfying hair reduction result.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

FDA approved Gold standard Cynosure elite + hair removal system is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Consultation Procedure.

Before the treatment a free consultation is undertaken to establish your suitability for treatment. This gives you a chance to ask any questions you might have.

Our highly trained practitioners will assess the area to be treated and will thoroughly tailor your treatment to your individual needs.

You will also have a small patch test, at least 48 hours before the treatment, to establish the safest and most efficient laser setting for your skin.






*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.


Simply Laser Hair Removal Packages for MenSingle TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Chest and Abdomen£149£549 – Save £345£620- Save £572
Full Back and Shoulders£229£829 – Save £545£919- Save £913
Full Back and Shoulders + Upper Arms£260£925- Save £635£1100 – Save £980
Full Back and Shoulders + Full Arms£315£999 – Save £891£1275 – Save £1245
Full Back and Shoulders +Chest + Abdomen + Half Arms£435£1599 – Save £1011£1780 – Save £1700
Chest and Abdomen + Full Back + Shoulders + Upper Arms + Underarms + Full Legs + Buttocks + Standard Bikini + Including Face and Neck£650£2200 – Save £1700£2450 – Save £2750
(price per each area)
Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Eyebrows / Earlobes / Nose£35£139 – Save £71£175 – Save £105
Upper Lip/ Sideburns /Chin / Cheekbones / Neck£65£225 – Save £165£265 – Save £255
Upper Lip and Chin / Jaw Line£89£299 – Save £235£380 – Save £332
Half Face or Beard (Male)£110£350 – Save £310£425 – Save £455
Full Face /Half Face & Front Neck / F&B Neck£130£395 – Save £385£525 – Save £515
Full Face & Front Neck£145£475 – Save £395£574 – Save £586
Upper Body
(price per each area)
Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Fingers£35£139 – Save £71£175 – Save £105
Hands & Fingers/ Nipples/ Navel Pubis Line / Under Arms£65£225 – Save £165£265 – Save £255
Chest/ Abdomen/ Shoulder/ Half Arms/ Half Back£110£350 – Save £310£425 – Save £455
Full Arms/ Full Back£179£599- Save £475£699 – Save £733
Lower Body
(price per each area)
Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Toes£35£139 – Save £71£175 – Save £105
Feet and Toes/ Bikini Line/ Peri Anal£65£225 – Save £165£265 – Save £255
Brazilian£89£319 – Save £215£399 – Save £313
Hollywood£119£399- Save £315£469- Save £483
Buttocks£119£439- Save £275£549- Save £403
Lower Legs/Upper Legs£145£475 – Save £395£574 – Save £586
Full Legs£200£799- Save £401£949- Save £651


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