Laser Hair Removal for Men

At Simply Laser Hair Removal, on a daily basis, we do laser hair removal treatment for men who struggle with ingrown hair or excess hair growth on their face & body – such as the back & shoulders.

Laser Hair Removal for Men

Male grooming habits have dramatically changed over the years from old fashioned soap and shaving to regular skin care treatments. Nowadays, men are taking better care of themselves to ensure they have healthy, good looking skin and a good body image.

Mens laser hair removal works amazingly for those who would like to decrease excessive hair growth or get rid of unwanted dark colour hairs on their face and body – such as abdomen, back and shoulders.

Permanent Laser hair reduction is also the most effective solution for some common hair related problems, such as shaving/razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Men with thick, dark and curly hair and darker skin types tend to get “Pseudofoliculitis”, more commonly known as razor bumps or shaving bumps especially on their face and neck. Medical grade laser hair removal is a highly effective long term treatment for those unsightly painful small red spots.

Our male clients have discovered that having a course of laser treatment can make a huge and positive difference to their body confidence.

Our fully registered laser clinic (and experienced, qualified therapist) welcomes men, women, LGBTQ community and all kinds of diversity.

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*Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal treatment is a non-invasive medical procedure, the concentrated light (laser beam) is absorbed by the hair melanin (dark colour) and converts to heat energy.
The heat reaches the hair root and safely destroys the unwanted hair follicle leaving the surrounding tissue and skin unharmed.

However, laser light can destroy hair follicles only in their anagen phase (growing stage). Not all of your hairs are in anagen phase at one time, so to get an effective hair reduction it requires a series of laser hair removal treatments to catch the full hair growth cycle.

Hair growth phase/cycle and laser treatment

For the very best hair reduction results we suggest a minimum course of 6 to 8 treatments to see a satisfying hair reduction result.
*Results may vary for individual

Laser Hair Removal Prices

Simply Laser Hair Removal Packages for MenSingle TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 40 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Chest and Abdomen£149£549 
Save £345
Save £572
Full Back and Shoulders£219£799 
Save £515
 Save £853
Full Back and Shoulders + Upper Arms£225£989
Save £361
Save £700
Full Back and Shoulders + Full Arms£299£1165
Save £629
 Save £1103
Full Back and Shoulders +Chest + Abdomen + Half Arms£435£1599
Save £1011
Save £1700
Chest and Abdomen + Full Back + Shoulders + Upper Arms + Underarms + Full Legs + Buttocks + Standard Bikini + Including Face and Neck£650£2245
Save £1655
 Save £2711
(price per each area)
Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Eyebrows / Earlobes / Nose£35£139
Save £71
Save £105
Upper Lip/ Sideburns /Chin / Cheekbones / Neck£65£225
Save £165
Save £255
Upper Lip and Chin / Jaw Line£89£299
Save £235
Save £332
Half Face or Beard (Male)£110£350
Save £310
Save £455
Full Face /Half Face & Front Neck / F&B Neck£130£395
 Save £385
Save £515
Full Face & Front Neck£145£475 
 Save £395
 Save £586
Upper Body
(price per each area)
Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
 Save £71
Save £105
Hands & Fingers/ Nipples/ Navel Pubis Line / Under Arms£65£225
Save £165
Save £255
Chest/ Abdomen/ Shoulder/ Half Arms/ Half Back£110£350
 Save £310
Save £455
Full Arms/ Full Back£179£599
Save £475
Save £733
Lower Body
(price per each area)
Single TreatmentCourse of 6
Up to 45 %Off
Course of 8
Up to 50 %Off
Save £71
 Save £105
Feet and Toes/ Bikini Line/ Peri Anal£65£225 
 Save £165
 Save £255
Brazilian£89£319 –
Save £215
Save £313
Save £315
Save £483
Save £275
 Save £403
Lower Legs/Upper Legs£145£475
Save £395
Save £586
Full Legs£200£799
Save £401
Save £651

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Does Men’s Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Our high-powered Cynosure Elite + laser supplies constant cooling air during the laser hair removal treatments making your treatment comfortable.

The treatment feeling is something like the sensation of a rubber band snapping against your skin. Most of our clients describe it as a virtually pain free treatment.

What are the Common areas for Men’s Laser Hair Removal?

We can treat most of the face and body areas as long as there is enough pigmentation in the unwanted hair follicle. The most common areas for men’s laser hair removal are including;

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

FDA approved Gold standard Cynosure elite + hair removal system is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Does Laser Hair Removal help Ingrown Hairs?

Yes, laser hair removal for ingrown hairs is the most effective long-term treatment. The hair follicle curling and growing inside the skin causes an ingrown hair and results in redness, bumps and sometimes even cysts can occur.

Laser light damages the hair follicle and inhibits hair regrowth. Laser hair removal treatment also reduces ingrown hair scars and improves skin texture.

Can men have full body laser hair removal treatment?

Yes, men can have full body laser hair removal treatment. It is the most effective long-term solution for unwanted hair.
At Simply Laser Hair Removal we have a variety of laser treatment packages especially design for men’s laser hair removal.

What should I do before my Laser Hair Removal Consultation?

We suggest that before your initial laser hair removal consultation with us you avoid tanning, waxing, tweezing, plucking, bleaching or hair removal creams. It is important to see your natural skin and hair colour to thoroughly tailor your laser hair removal treatment to your individual needs.
laser hair removal for infgrown hair for men
Laser Hair Removal for Ingrown Hairs
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Laser Thread Vein Removal

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Laser Hair Removal for Dark / Asian Skin

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